• Micheal H (Alucard)

Summers End

Hey everyone,

I had a busy summer this year finally getting out and organising shoots. I organised a swimming pool shoot at a friends house (same pool as I had used for 2019's shoots) and it went really well, the attendees we had were Owldolly, KitsuCreations, Callmek8ie, Eclipsiacosplay and a big thank you to Madgoat_Mohito for letting me use the location!

I also organised a group in Birmingham using a couple of locations and also the SS Creative Studio, we even shot a couple of sets in the hotel and used UV reactive paint. it was an excellent time and had fun working with everyone. a big thank you to Owldolly , Madgoat_mohito, Cherry Ordinary, Peonys_and_Pixies, Official_Rdan, MoreSushi, King.Of.The.North.Cosplays, Atira_Clothing2017, NoLimitCosplay, DemoraFairy, MoonLitStreetCosplay .

I am looking forward to getting the photos ready and out for everyone.

Thank you all

- Micheal

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