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MCM Comiccon London May 2022!

Updated: Jul 26

I had an absolute wonderful time at MCM Comiccon seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

I arrived on the Thursday staying just over the river of the Excel (located next door to a Starbucks which was a lifesaver) with my friends Rainbowspex, HarleyChainsaw, nixxi_vii and freetimeandstarrynights. went over to the fox in the evening which was relatively quiet (the only night we went into the fox) I got to see a few friends I have not seen in a while including the ever lovely bekz.xx.


I got up, ordered Starbucks to go via my phone and headed to the con (I give the morning to myself to explore before I start shooting). This is my first MCM London since October 2019 (Before the dark times) It was great seeing some familiar stalls and seeing some stalls my friends had put up with their businesses) I used this day scout the con out and check where everything is ready for my other two days where I can buy the stuff I want.

I headed back to the Apartment at about 12:00 to pick my gear up for the first shoot of the day

I had the pleasure of working with:

porcelain_angel_cosplay (nezouko - demon slayer)

jessfx.cosplay (Babydoll - Suckerpunch 2011)

Owldolly (Ganyu - Genshin Impact)

b1tch.becca (Howl - Howls Moving Castle 2005)

Oinfinity_cosplays + Elsiejay.cos + Pastel_tracer (Eula, Amber and Sucrose - Genshin Impact)

sew_very_dapper (Vinegar Doppio - Jojo's Bizzare Adventure)

theinfamousquinn ( Arataki - Genshin Impact)

Daughter0fsalem (Jinx - Arcane/LoL)

libra_li7 (Claire Redfield - Resident Evil)

and finished off the evening shooting with Jealous Goddess & scarletlotuscosplay (Fem Kano & Skarlet - Mortal Kombat).

The shoots all together finished around 8pm and then went to have dinner at the nearby Chinese with Jealous Goddess & lucidbelle and then back to hang out with my roommates.


Same as before, I prepped my gear ready for when I start shooting and head off to get a Starbucks to take with me, I then proceed to meet up with sleepy_mars and go with them and get some bits to buy, I bought a Dice Tray and some Bath Bombs from Geeky Clean and then proceeded to get some lunch from the Japanese food stands they have in the hall.

I head off at the same time as the day before to get my gear and head out to the outside to shoot. the weather was nice and the crowd bigger than the day before (it got a lot busier around 2pm and was very awkward to navigate with my gear but it eased up a little later and I even had some rest during the afternoon for a nice change).

I worked with these lovely people:

Daughter0fsalem (Gourou - Genshin Impact)

jessfx.cosplay (Hades - Hercules)

AngelUndies & Theillustratedgirl (Percy & Vex - Critical Role [Vox Machina]

Norima.y (Sakura - Naruto)

Ebonyflames.cos (Nezuko - Demon Slayer)

Theinfamousquinn (Harley Quinn - DC Comics)

Love_and_Venom (Thor - Thor Love & Thunder)

iamspiderman_saabz ( Mr Knight - MoonKnight)

also a Fighting group hosted by lost_in_nightmares_cosplay (shall look for the rest of the names but so far jealousgoddess & lucidbelle


I get in just a couple of mins after opening and it is pretty easy to get around still, I run into bekz.xx and their group and catch up for a while before heading into the artist alley to check out the work there and see an old friend who I have not seen in a few years marcellerby but unable to properly talk to them as they had a long queue which was really good =).

I bought a few bits mainly some lovely bubble-gum fudge from Ifudge and I got a lovely Floral wrist strap with emerald green gem from OddBeans and some Saltwater Taffy from another store which I have forgot to pick up a card from. I proceeded to then head to the hotel to pick up my gear to start shooting for the day, the London Marathon did not help with the roads but I eventually made it.

I worked with these lovely people on the final day:

Norima.y (Jill Valentine - Resident Evil)

Nomitee (Spider Gwen - Marvel Comics)

Magazeecos (Junko Inoshima - Danganronpa)

Sew_Very_Dapper (Yvaine - Stardust)

Theinfamousquinn (White Rabbit - DC Comics)

giokumikocosplay & miniturehero

taomagee (Genshin Impact)

RainbowSpex (Final Fantasy)

HarleyChainsaw (Princess Bubblegum - Adventure Time)

also another Fighting group hosted by lost_in_nightmares_cosplay (shall look for the rest of the names but so far jealousgoddess & lucidbelle

Overall it was a great first MCM London to come back to, I have already booked an apartment with some of my friends and waiting for October but until then I have Tokonatsu, Viencon and Secretcon to look forward to until then.

Photos From The Event

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